As A Writer I Have A Lot To Learn

I am not a professional writer by any means although there are a number of great authors whose work I enjoy. I lack skills in character development, descriptive narrations and elaborate plot lines.

Maybe some day I'll be a writer.
Maybe some day I’ll be a writer.

My vocabulary is decent but not at all adequate to employ some of the visualizations provided by real word-slingers out there in world of writing. I’m just a simple guy who does other things for a living and writes to pass time once in awhile. I hope that with practice my wordsmithing skills will improve so I write this story which has been itching at my head for quite some time. It wants to be told so I am doing my best to tell it with the tools I have available. At the same time, I have been working to improve my arsenal of story telling tools because I want to become a better story teller. Part of my training with the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids calls for us to become better bards and story telling has always been one of the tools of the bardic trade as it were. Stories inspire our imaginations, give us hope or warnings of things to come and maybe impart some history or knowledge we might not have come by otherwise. So, I will continue writing and hope to become better at it so that people may enjoy my writings better. There are a number of wonderful websites out there for people like me. People who wish to become  a better writer no matter what their current skill level is. One in particular which I have been learning from lately is The Mad Scribbler. I am thankful for those out there who are willing to impart their knowledge to others. It’s one of the things which makes the internet great. Literally having a world full of knowledge and wisdom at our fingertips can give us the power to great things if we employ it properly. Enjoy your day!


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