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Medicinal Bourbon - Local Band
Medicinal Bourbon

So, today my friend Jim Sutter of Medicinal Bourbon asked me and many others to share his sad tale of the plight of local musicians who are being pushed out of the market by big corporate, deep pocketed dealers. Here are his words along with some helpful links so you can support your local music scene!

It’s sad when local municipalities with a few “movers and shakers” take the quaint feeling of home – the things that made you fall in love with it in the first place, and replace it with mainstream, cookie cutter beliefs; bigger is better, get the franchises here – eliminate individuality and become – just another “place” – and not home. Put codes in place to make all the buildings look the same. Get “box” stores and franchises to raise the tax rate. And once a few of the “elite” get into positions of authority and influence, it’s amazing how fast a zone ordinance or a law can get changed. It’s not what you know – it’s who you know. I’ve lived here in Justin for 14 years. The changes in the last four alone have made me….well let’s just say I’m looking forward to retirement and getting myself someplace away from HOA’s and “Economic Development Committees.” There was time when we had local artists who painted murals on buildings, and festivals where local artists could show their wares. We had a quaint local newspaper, and the pharmacist knew me and my wife by name. Yup – bigger and better, you’ll see.

In the meantime, struggling local artists and musicians are still trying to get out there – for the sheer love of performing, not the $$$. I’ll share a couple of links – starting with this one. And if you still want to see artists and musicians pour themselves into the love of their craft and proudly represent where they came from, please check some out. I promise , they won’t be pandering for their next album or selling t-shirts and souvenirs – though they will pass a tip jar. Picks, guitar strings and drumsticks cost money, and many of us have day jobs with no roadies to carry our equipment. Peace.
Where The Local Bands Are Playing This Week
June 7 you can catch us at Noon, at the Denton Community Market. We’re happy to be involved with a venue that still supports and believes in local music and artists.

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Listen to 100% local music in DFW at & donate to help us get on the FM in Fort Worth!

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