Stopped At Potager’s Other Stuff

Potager's Other Stuff
Potager’s Other Stuff

I stopped in at Potager’s Other Stuff a couple of times on the way home from work this week. What an amazing assortment of wholesome goodness! I’ve mentioned their cafe a time or two in past blog posts because I truly believe in what they are doing there. They are promoting doing things the old ways in food, cooking and other crafts. If you are near downtown Arlington, Texas while they are open sometime you should definitely stop by and have a look around. At the cafe they follow the concept of  “ask for only as much as you can eat and pay what you feel it was worth”. Yes, there are no prices on the menu and you are asked to only take portion sizes you feel you can eat while you are there for a meal. At the end of it you pay what you feel the meal is worth. How cool is that?! I know, it makes you think, surely there are too many people who would take advantage of a system like that and not pay nearly what the food is actually worth or not pay at all. But they have made it work for, I think, about three years so far and are still at it. As you walk into the cafe you can actually see the fresh herbs growing right outside which they harvest and use right there. They also buy their meats, fruits and vegetables from local growers and have often gone to a local farm to pick the foods fresh from the trees, vines and stalks that morning which will be a part of the meal served that afternoon. Talk about fresh flavors!

Potager's Cafe and Other Stuff
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So, while I stopped in on Thursday I talked for a good while with Susan about an interesting myriad of topics ranging from Irish/Scottish family history to geopolitical history to container gardening and many things in between. She is an interesting lady full of a wealth of knowledge that she doesn’t mind sharing with others. Yesterday Cynthia, another kind lady and the chef and founder of Potager Cafe was at the shop. Both were very helpful though and I took the opportunity to try some natural granola from Grapevine Grains. The Honey Almond is marvelous by the way. Also I enjoyed the Cinnamon Apple and the Gourmet Chocolate flavors. Now, at their store, Potager’s Other Stuff, up the road a bit from the cafe there ARE prices on the items, don’t get confused. The meals at the cafe are pay what you feel they are worth but most of the items at Potager’s Other Stuff are on consignment from local producers and do come with a set pricetag. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that right quick. Let me go on about the phenomenal stuff I tried. I picked up a dark chocolate bar with forest mint that I thoroughly enjoyed and it even got the kids’ seal of approval which kind of surprised me because I thought the dark chocolate flavor might put them off a bit.

Potager Contact Info
Potager Contact Info

I also had a wonderful hard cider called Leprechaun from a brewery in Houston and bottled in Oregon (how does that work?) which I will most assuredly be getting more of in the near future. Also I discovered the wonderful assortment of brews from Jester King Brewery which are carried there. OH MY GODS! They have a huge variety and such cool looking labels to boot. I tried the Black Metal because when I told her I liked Guinness she said this one has been described as like Guinness only better. I said, that’s some awful strong language there! So I tried it. It’s definitely a stronger brew than Guinness Stout which is okay but even Guinness Stout has a bit stronger flavor than I enjoy typically. I generally go for the Guinness Draught when I have a choice. But it’s a good brew if you’re into the strong, black stuff. It looks about like used motor oil when you pour it into a glass. 😉 Another thing well worth trying are the  TruRoots cookies. I picked up the Three Seed Ancient and the Orange Ginger. Both are wonderful! Oh! One other thing, even though the website says they are unable to take debit and credit cards they do now have Square Up on their phones and are able to take cards for payment.

Anyway, Em’ and I will be stopping by there again today either before or after we head up to Wise county to look at some properties we’re considering. One is near Chico and the other near Springtown. Wish us luck!

Go raibh an ghaoth go brách ag do chúl,

(May the wind be always at your back,)



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