Still Around And Planning Things

Standing Stone - Planning Things?
Standing Stone – Planning Things?

I just wanted to drop a line here and let people know that I am still around and have been meditating on some things, working on some things and am in the process of changing some things. A couple of bullet points I wanted to touch base with people on:

Facebook: – I have begun utilizing FB again to get and stay in touch with people. It does have it’s good points and it’s uses. It especially shines when it comes to things like event planning and invitations. It is still, in my opinion, a horrible place to get people to visit your blog or an organization’s website because Facebook has a vested interest in keeping people on Facebook and therefore off of any other website. Eyes on Facebook means eyes on advertising on Facebook which is what their business model is based around. It’s sensible and you really can’t blame them for slanting the audiences for each post the way they do. But I still think Mark Zuckerberg is an egotistical asshole who has no regard for his userbase or their privacy when policy changes are rolled out on a whim which could place some people in perilous situations with their jobs, families or personal safety. But there again, regardless of what a site’s terms of service may say, if you really want to protect your privacy the only 100 percent way of doing so is to not post private info online. Anyway, I find that most of my past frustration with Facebook came from the way I was trying to use it. The Facebook of today is not the Facebook of 5 years ago and no amount of banging ones head against a brick wall is ever going to change that. That being said there is now a secret group on Facebook for Temple Of the Standing Stones and members of the Esoteric Path of Enlightenment tradition. I think I sent invitations out to all members who are on Facebook when I created it but if I happened to miss you please let me know and I will see to it. Thank you! 🙂

PPD – I have still been working with the DFW Pagan Pride Day planning committee and we hope to bring you a wonderful PPD 2014 on September 27th at Arlington UU Church. This will be my final year as a planning committee member as I will be stepping down shortly after the event is over. Volunteering with PPD has been very fulfilling but also at times very trying and time consuming work. I highly recommend that anyone who has the time and energy to put into this form of community service do so. But as I hope to attain my third degree this coming Samhain with Esoteric Path of Enlightenment and shortly thereafter hive off to form a temple of my own I will be pouring a huge amount of time and energy into my new temple. Some of that work I have already begun in the form of setting up and writing articles for the new Temple Of the Standing Stones website. After the temple is formed there will be initiates to begin training and sabbats to plan as well as other projects I hope to pursue with my temple. It won’t be until I have some second and third degree priests and priestesses of my own a few years down the road that I will have the luxury of being able to shift some of the work to them and again perhaps have the time to devote to community work. I will, however, continue to support Pagan Pride Day with sponsorship and volunteer time on the day of the event if they will have me. But after this year’s event, I will no longer serve as a member of the planning committee or in a coordinator type of position. But don’t worry. There is a very capable team of individuals in place doing the work of PPD now and as broad and talented as the DFW Pagan community is, I am sure others will come forward to ensure 2015’s event will be the best yet!

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