Please Don’t Wait For An Invitation

The following article regarding invitation to Pagan groups was originally published on Our Pantheons Way on April 3rd, 2014.

Let the seeker seek. Speak Up For Invitation.
Let the seeker seek. Speak Up For Invitation.

And the hills they are hollow and home to the Fey,
Who dance on Midsummer’s Eve,
Some people don’t understand when I say,
These are the things I believe.
These are the things I believe. – Damh The Bard

I once had someone say to me,

“I would really like to go to a Pagan ritual or gathering but no one has invited me.”

Please understand this. We are not an evangelical lot and most of us adhere to a code that says it is for the seeker to seek. In other words, a student of esoteric knowledge, occult, ancient wisdom, the arts, or whatever you want to call it, should always seek out a teacher but not the other way around. A teacher seeking students is often frowned upon in many Pagan traditions. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, we are not in the soul saving business. We do not believe that your immortal soul is in danger of eternal torment or any such things if you don’t follow the path we are on. Most of us believe that our lives here on earth are like a school of sorts and we are all learning lessons of one kind or another in this incarnation which may carry over into the next life.

Just because someone doesn’t happen to be on the same path that you are on doesn’t necessarily mean they are on the wrong path. So we have no driving reason to go after people and try to convince them to come join us on our path. But if a seeker shows up and asks to walk with us on our path they are more than welcome.

That being said, if you see a posting up somewhere for a public circle or gathering of a Pagan nature and you are curious or interested, then by all means go. Don’t be afraid that you will be unwelcome because if the event was posted as open to the public then it’s understood that seekers or the curious might show up. The only thing we generally find unwelcome would be people who show up with the intent to be rude and disruptive. If you are there with an open heart and open mind your kindness will be returned.

Many of our traditions include teachings regarding hospitality to strangers and being a good host or guest. So by all means, seek out a public event near you if you are curious. If you have trouble finding one, let me know and I will see if I can help you find one. Check Our Calendar! Need an invitation? Get in touch and let us know.

Many Blessings,

Cianaodh a.k.a. Troy

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