A Random Playlist Of Music I Love

A playlist of random things I’ve been listening to lately and a bit of local music news…

I won’t run this human race, your war is not for me
I hear the voices from the wild, they taught me how to see
It’s us who are the strangers here and we don’t own the land
My words they fall upon deaf ears, cause no-one understands

Om Namah Shivaya is one of the most beloved and ancient Hindu mantras. It comes from part of a Hindu prayer, the Shri Rudram Chamakam, which is found in the second oldest of the vedic texts, the Yajurveda. It is a hymn to Shiva, the deity of destruction and transformation, and it is said that chanting this mantra helps to get rid of internal imperfections, limitations, and sins. It is also a mantra that elevates the psyche and awakens higher states of consciousness.

Om Namah Shivaya — Ancient Mantra from the Yajurveda

I got a dog and his name is Noodle
He’s the cutest little poodle
That you ever did see

Poodle-o’morphic personification
Poodle-o’morphic personification

What do you think this song is about?

Cosmic Crow Collective
Cosmic Crow Collective
Cosmic Crow Collective 2 - Playlist
Cosmic Crow Collective 2

Cosmic Crow Collective
Written by DaviD ConanT
You might be wondering why a retail store would be our venue of the month. Well, let me tell you why. Have you ever been there? If you have then you might know. It’s a wonderful vintage retail store catering to a little bit of everything. You can find cool clothes and jewelry, arts and homemade gifts plus local vendors like Billyz Beanz Coffee and Beardos Beard oil and Balm. But, we will focus on all the live music they have there.

When you first walk in you’ll notice guitars, bongo drums and now a piano just inside with a small area to perform. It’s always open mic at the crow. Whether you want to come in and play a few songs or keep yourself busy while your other half is shopping(It’s a lot better than pacing the aisles). But, I’m sure you will want to look around the store before you play. Tammie Carson, the shop owner is also a musician. Check out her band, the Bad Escape Band.
Virtually every Saturday afternoon she will have somebody playing on the patio to entertain her and Division Brewing customers or bring your own instrument to play there on Thirsty Thursdays from 4 to 9pm every evening. Throw in an intimate concert on the inside once in a while on a Friday night and you will see why she’s our venue of the month.
Please “LIKE” them on Facebook or check out her web site at http://www.cosmiccrowcollective.com/

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