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Our Pantheons Way is a personal opinion, culture, society, humor, news or, to put it simply, a variety blog by James “Troy” Young of Arlington, Texas. I’m a follower of a Pagan religion called Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition so a lot of my views and the way I relate with the world are based in my perspective, seeing through Pagan eyes and from my devotional polytheistic beliefs. But anyone is welcome to follow along and may find humor, enlightenment or perhaps some entertainment in my ramblings. 

My Pagan name is Cianaodh Γ“g  (Key – Ah – Knee) which is Old Irish for AncientFire and (Og), also Old Irish for Young or my modern English surname. Yes, I do appreciate the irony of having a name that begins with Ancient and ends with Young. I am the High Priest of Temple Of the Standing Stones where I also blog occasionally as well as maintain a forum for discussions on many Pagan related topics. But what I blog here is strictly my opinion or perspective only and should not be taken as a representation of the views of Temple Of the Standing Stones as a whole.Thank you and many blessings to you and yours!

TL/DR version of Above: What is blogged here on Our Pantheons Way is just one Pagan dude’s opinion and from his perspective only. Do not take one person’s truth as the only truth. Seek your own!


WARNING: Our Pantheons Way is not a blog for people who have a big stick up their butt. If you do not like the occasional dirty joke or otherwise twisted sense of humor you’re probably not going to like me much. πŸ˜‰

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Cianaodh Γ“g  a.k.a. Troy Young:

I have been an ordained Universal Life Church Minister since January, 4th, 2001 as well as having been initiated as a 1st degree priest and witch of the Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca in June of 2002. I also served as Grove Organizer for a local A.D.F. ( Ár nDraΓ­ocht FΓ©in ) Druid group for a couple of years while studying with that tradition. I have been active in the Dallas / Fort Worth Pagan community in some fashion or another since the late 1990s. I am a 3rd degree priest of the Esoteric Path of Enlightenment tradition although I have parted ways with that tradition as of December 14th, 2014 and I am High Priest of my own autonomous temple, Temple Of the Standing Stones which has become a part of Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition. I am also a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids studying my Bardic grade materials.

Questions about shared content? Please refer to Cianaodh’s Blogging.

Proudly listed on Witches' Voice!
Proudly listed on Witches’ Voice!

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  1. Ok, I just sometimes need to talk to my friend only… Besides, I might have somethings to say that have nothing to do with the blog, and doing so would be awkward. πŸ˜‰

        1. My experience of finding a summer job comes from the 1980s when I was still in school. My sister got me a deal to do lawn work for a bunch of houses for Ebby Halliday where she was a real estate agent. Do you have a sister?

          1. I’m the only child, who happens to have the most boring life there is. πŸ™ And most people choose to hire immigrants to mow the lawn instead of the neighbor kid nowadays. I’ve been giving stores a go, but I don’t have any job experience which makes it harder… And boy is the resume system messed up!

          2. I’ve heard tales about the resume system these days. That’s one thing about having the same job for over 24 years. You lose touch with the job market, resume, interview skills. That sister I mentioned, is the youngest of my three sisters and she is 16 years older than me. When I was four my parents moved back home to Texas to be closer to their parents who were getting older by that time. My three sister’s opted to remain in Oregon until later when first my oldest then the youngest one ended up divorcing and moving down here as well. This didn’t happen until I was about 12. Up until then, I was basically an only child. My sister’s are my like aunts to me than actual siblings. I have some nieces and nephews who are closer to my own age and are my like sisters and brothers to me.

  2. I have lots of cousins, but they’re older than me, I actually called them aunts or uncles… My nieces and nephews are the ones closer to my age, and still some are older. But about siblings, I had none since my adoption when I was born. Back to the resume system, there is the saying “talk is cheap” which could well apply to resumes where you’re writing about yourself, why not just give us all a good old trial?

          1. Feeling? With my hands mostly but sometimes I use other surfaces for tactile feedback. Thank you for asking. πŸ˜‰ These past two days I’ve been doing a lot of moving big stuff around in the yard clearing the way to once again be able to roll the camping trailer out of the back yard. Also I took the solar panels off of the roof of Em’s art studio and attached a longer cord so I can move them around the yard to catch the sun better for now until I get the folding cart put together I plan on so we can take the solar rig camping. All of this moving and climbing has left me feeling rather sore and old though. πŸ˜‰

  3. Yea, by if your muscles hurt, take a long rest: it will help you get bigger muscles πŸ˜‰ I did some moving of furniture around too, at least the new sofas look good πŸ™‚

      1. My arms hurt and now can only move like C3PO… I guess I had it coming, being that my only activity all these years has been siting down in front of a computer.

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