A Pantheon Of Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I advertise on Our Pantheons Way?

Yes you can and for as little as $5 per post too. If you like what I am putting down and would like to promote a group, business, cause or something else on Our Pantheons Way please use the Contact form at the end of the menu to get in touch for details or simply email me at cianaodh [dot] og [at] gmail [dot] com.

Why the name? What does Pantheon mean?

Well, once upon a time we had a semi-regular gathering at our home in Arlington, TX called DFW Pantheons which was sort of an informal gathering of friends who were either Pagan solitaires of one sort or another who just wanted a place to get together with like minded folks, seekers who wanted to meet others and learn a little about Paganism and people who were just curious or looking for some camaraderie. We did this for a few years but then some folks decided to start up a Pagan Community Center in nearby Grand Prairie and I wanted to allow that a chance to grow and succeed because it looked to me like something that could greatly benefit the local community. So we shut down DFW Pantheons and at about that time I was pursuing a Druidic path with ADF so I was showing up weekly to give talks to people interested in that particular branch of Druidism. One thing led to another and Ancient Traditions ended up having to close it’s doors. The economy was bad and there just wasn’t enough money coming in to keep the rent paid, etc.

Anyway, long story short, the center closed. Due to some upheavals going on in my own life, my mom passed away after a lengthy sickness, the DFW Pagan Community had in some ways, I felt, disappointed me and let me down, etc. I took a sabbatical. I had become so fed up I didn’t even want the P word as I called it around this time on any of my online profiles. I’ll probably write several lengthy blog posts in the future about all of this but for now let’s just say I stepped away for awhile. Now, I have recently been called back by the Goddess (I mean this literally by the way, that too will probably be part of a future blog post) and I have found that one thing I dearly miss about our previous gatherings is meeting new seekers to the paths or new people in the community and helping them to find others who are on a similar path that can help them. Kind of sending them on their way. Hence the Way part of Our Pantheons Way. So, when Em’ and I discussed doing a Pantheons like thing again we decided that since we don’t know for sure we will always be in the DFW area we might not want to call it DFW Pantheons again. How about Our Pantheons? Okay, I like it. Stick the Way on the end of it and you have what we kind of came up with here. Also it reminds me a bit of the podcast The Wigglian Way which I and many other Pagan minded folks enjoy listening to. It’s hosted by a Canadian couple called Sparrow and Mojo. You might want to check it out sometime!

Our Pantheons Way Bumper Sticker.
Our Pantheons Way Bumper Sticker.

Oh yeah? What is a Pantheon or what Does Pantheon mean? Well, in addition to it sometimes being associated with a rather famous ancient Greek building which was a temple to all the gods, (which is appropriate in it’s own right) a Pantheon is a grouping of Gods and Goddesses from a particular culture. You know, Zeus, Hera, Apollo, etc. They would all be part of the Greek Pantheon. Odin, Thor, Freya, etc. the Norse Pantheon. Morrigan, Dagda, Danu, etc. could be in a round about way referred to as a Celtic or Irish Pantheon. But, hopefully, you get the idea. Pan means all (in addition to being a god) and so a Pantheon honors all the gods. Because Paganism is so diverse and practiced in so many ways it just seemed an appropriate name to call our group because although as individuals we have our own practices, when we all get together there are a bunch of different ways things can go. Which is why it’s nice to have folks who can help you find your way. Hey, maybe Our Pantheons Way? We’ll see. I hope this was helpful or at least mildly entertaining! 😉


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What’s all this Pagan stuff about anyway?

For one of the best answers we’ve seen in a long time to some common questions asked of Pagans by folks who just found out a friend, family member or co-worker is Pagan have a look at this excellent article from About.com entitled Ten Things Pagans Want You To Know.

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