DFW Pagan Unity Fest Begins

UPDATE : DFW Pagan Unity Fest now has a Facebook Page you can follow for more information as it becomes available. Find it here.

What you want to ignite in others must first burn inside yourself. Unity
What you want to ignite in others must first burn inside yourself.

Have you heard the news? In the fall of 2015 a new Pagan festival came to town in the Arlington, Texas area and blossomed into fruition. The project was spearheaded by Becca Shugart and she organized volunteers, sponsors, vendors, entertainers, coordinators and anyone else willing to help. She later passed the torch on to myself and Arachne Crowsinger and we invited other local organizers as she moved on to other places and adventures. A planning group was established and some coordinator positions were quickly filled shortly after the first announcements of this new spiritual gathering were made.

Arlington UU church has gracefully opened their land up to the event since the first one was held in September of 2015 and volunteers are always welcome. Some of the assistance always needed includes:

Land crew to help with set up before the event and break down afterwards.


Entertainment Coordinator

Vending Coordinator

Coordinators’ Assistants

Graphics and Promo Team

Auction and Raffle Team

Children’s Activities Coordinator

Gate Volunteers


Workshop Presenters

DFW Pagan Unity fest was born out of a need within this community to have an event for like-minded individuals during a time that other, similar events did not seem to be taking place. It stands as proof that a community can come together and overcome obstacles to make things happen even if there is opposition or obstruction. May the spirit of unity live on in future events of this nature and may the entire spiritual community reap the benefits of sharing joy, laughter and time together in harmony. Thank you to Becca Shugart for starting this ball rolling. Your torch burns brightly as a beacon for all to see.


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