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Paganesque Music Radio on Spotify
Paganesque Radio on Spotify

One of our seekers once asked me about some of the music I was playing from my phone at an Ostara ritual. So I put together a, by no means comprehensive, list of some of my favorite Pagan or otherwise spiritual musicians. Afterwards, I got to thinking that some others might like to check these out too. So, with no further adieu, here are some links to some of my favorite Pagan artists and musicians whose music touches on Paganesque themes.

Paganesque Radio on Pandora
Paganesque Radio on Pandora

Paganesque Radio: Kind of along the same lines, I was looking for some more Pagan artists to add to my Pandora radio lineup and happened upon a list of interesting musicians compiled by Scott Shulz at The Juggler. So, I made a station of my own based on this list. Check out Paganesque Radio on Pandora. Then later I created a playlist on Spotify also inspired by the artists listed here. Check out: Paganesque Radio Playlist on Spotify

If you think of any others I have surely missed here please comment below.

If YOU are a Pagan Musician or Band and would like to be added to the seed list for my li’l ol’ stations then I would surely love to have ya. But, I can’t add ya on Pandora if your music isn’t on Pandora. Here’s their article for Artists Submitting to Pandora.

BTW ya’ll. I don’t make any money at all from these stations. The respective streaming services run the ads and take in the revenue then hopefully they pay royalties to the artists whose music is played there. I only curate the lists because I love and want to share the music with my friends. I highly encourage you to BUY their music and BUY their merchandise. SUPPORT these wonderful bards of our time and help them keep spreading good vibes.

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Sadly, I was unable to attend the first Caldera Fest in 2016 but my ticket for Caldera Festival 2017 is already purchased.

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  1. Since I wrote that article at The Juggler I have added Lisa Thiel (, Kathy Moore (, Spiral Dance ( and Nebelhexe ( to my Pagan stations. There’s also been some interesting things happening in Psychelia along the lines of Prince Rama which is not overtly Pagan but good (see

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