New Caledonia Minecraft Realm

A View Of New Auir
A View Of the city of New Auir on New Caledonia

Andarius of the Protoss and Kysh of the Primal Zerg inhabit an unusual planet they found themselves stranded on after one of the many battles between the various factions and races involved in the End War against Amon’s forces. Because they were separated from their own forces and all attempts at communication with the Protoss fleet as well as the Zerg swarm have failed, these two sworn enemies made a pact to become allies in order to survive on this hostile, magical and unstable planet. Originally, New Calendonia had been a Terran colony settled by a faction of Scottish descendants who escaped revealment and execution centuries ago during the dominance of the United Powers League and their Project Purification.  Through lifelong commitment, clandestine measures were taken to pass on their history and ways into the present time until finally, in the mass chaos of the wars ravaging the Koprulu Sector these as well as other bands of similar groups (Celtic, Norse, Native American and others) who wished to revive a connection with the old gods and ways of their ancient ancestors came here to live a simpler life. It is believed, that perhaps the magical happenings here might be related to some of their doings. But, that is only a theory at this point.

New Caledonia welcomes new players who wish to work in a friendly environment building, exploring and developing the story line of this strange world. If you would like to learn more and perhaps help, please contact the realm owner, MetazoanAxe71 via XBox Live. This world is a mashup of Starcraft, Minecraft and ancient lore with roleplaying elements, story telling and mysteries to solve.

Basic Rules:

Try to stick with the storyline. (We’re flexible on this but we do want to build a tangible and workable roleplaying storyline to base this world on.)

No Griefing.  (Kysh note: Grief and your essence will be taken.)

No PvP (Unless agreed to by both parties involved.)

When you contact us about joining please provide us with:

XBox Live Gamer Tag:
Location (timezone):
Minecraft experience:
Why you want to join:
How you’d contribute:

Also post on our forum!

New Caledonia Forum

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Of course, we enjoy playing Starcraft too. Old and new versions. On Blizzard Kysh can be found as Kysh or DeadlyPants. Andarius as either Andarius or Cianaodh.