Naturist, Nudist Blogs And The Bare Facts

I have been a long time fan of naturist and nudist culture as well as a practicing naturist myself. I thought I would share a few good blogs I follow which focus on issues faced by people who enjoy basking skyclad with nature.

Waterrats By Francis Sutcliffe - A Naturist Outing - Public Domain.

Waterrats By Francis Sutcliffe – A Naturist Outing – Public Domain.

The Clothing Optional Zone

Proud to be part of the nudist revolution. The title of this blog pretty much says it all. It’s all about positively promoting nudism/naturism, body acceptance and social nudity, and showing how simply being nude is not porn, sexual or anything shameful. It’s how we are born and how we’ll die too. So why not just live it up and be proud?

The Naked Truth continues…the continuing tales of an English naturist.

The Naked Truth blog was started in June 2011 after many visits, over many years to nudist beaches and walking naked in the countryside of England. It’s founder is a naturist, a member of British Naturism and the secretary of a naturist club. His view of naturism is get naked, no fuss, after all its only natural! He states that the primary motivation for the creation of his blog was purely to record all of their adventures. At the same time debunking some of the myths, rumors and hearsay which, unfortunately, follow the naturist movement . Naturists are, after all, just ordinary people choosing not to wear clothes. Their activities and day to day lives are no different from most people, other than what they do or don’t wear. Naturism is fun. Being nude helps your body relax faster. When your clothes come off, so do many of the stresses of modern day life. It’s relaxing, makes you feel alive and it’s the way you were meant to be: completely natural. Being naked, especially in the great outdoors, draws one closer to mother nature. If you take the plunge you’ll bask in sun and sky as nature intended

The Meandering Naturist

Dan Carlson loves naturist travel, good wine, great food, and spending time with the people he loves – particularly his young adult children and his wonderful travel companion, who also happens to be his wife.

Musings about naturism, travel, and life.

dancing naked with cancer
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The “incurable” cancer of the blood, myeloma, is part of this blogger’s life now. He is at the “smoldering” stage and not in treatment yet. Once in treatment he may hold this cancer at bay for a decade or more. Nevertheless, a cancer diagnosis changes your perspective on life and in this blog he shares his thoughts. He is also a practicing nudist and his freedom to share that part of his life has grown with his understanding of how fleeting a life can be. If you explore this blog, be advised that it contains nudity.

A Nudist living with Multiple Myeloma

Our Naturist Blog

Miles, is an artist living in SW Cornwall. He’s lucky enough to live within a stones throw of one of the most beautiful naturist beaches in the UK. He and Molly have been naturists for around five years. They like to get to the beach whenever they can which sadly isn’t often enough and they try to sneak in one or two naturist holidays every year. Oh and the occasional naked disco from time to time!

Thoughts About Nudism

Thoughts About Nudism is a blog about nudist topics that don’t normally get a lot of attention. This blog promotes nudism as an activity that’s healthy for body and mind – and an alternative to the hyper-sexualized and hyper-commercialized society at large. This blog will also question assumptions about nudism, because its important for nudists to reinforce our values and make sure we practice our core values and beliefs, and pass them on to those who join us.

Tha Naked I

This blog was created to share articles, the artist, Tha Naked I, liked at first, but now he posts a lot as well as much as he can. The main theme of the blog is Nudism/Naturism and Nude Art, but something else might pop up occasionally. He hopes you will find this blog interesting, useful and entertaining. Happy reading !

More will be added to this list of sites. Please refer back to this post for updates once in awhile.

Bare Thoughts:

Naked Wanderings:

Nick and Lins were eager to start looking for answers, and if you’re researching anyway, you might as well share your knowledge with the world. So, they try to inform people about naturism and show them that it’s not something for creeps or perverts but that it’s actually a very cool fun to do.
As long as you give it a chance…

I’ve always thought it odd that people are so weird about seeing people naked. Personally I feel that a nude person has nothing to hide both literally and figuratively.  It is the ultimate show of honesty and “coming clean” as it were. A nude person says “This is me, as I am, take it or leave it.” A nude person has no place to hide a weapon or to put up a front appearing to be something other than what they truly are. A nude person who is comfortable with themselves and with their environment tends to be the pinnacle of the live and let live philosophy. In naturism there is balance, freedom and harmony with life. I’ve often seen it said by textiles (non-nudist people) that he or she needs to put more clothes on or especially, she shouldn’t be wearing that! You don’t typically see such judgement or forcing of one’s will coming from nudist people. Nudists usually take life in stride and enjoy the ride. Letting others be themselves while they in turn, be their selves. That’s the bare facts as I see it.

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