Living With The Land Vs. Mundania

Mundania is a term I’ve heard others use and I adopted to refer to the world and rules most people choose to live by. The “mother culture” as Daniel Quinn puts it.

Prosperity Outside Mundania
Prosperity Outside Mundania

One dream I have heard echoed by many and that I myself have had over the years is how nice it would be to have a bunch of pagan minded folks move to one community, buy land, start gardening and living life in a way that is more in tune with nature, our ancestors, our gods. I remember coming back from many festivals in which hundreds of us Pagans from many diverse backgrounds spent a weekend in the woods, working, playing, holding rituals, attending workshops, sharing stories… Then at night lighting a huge revel fire and dancing, drumming and laughing together throughout the night. I have said many times, I get my most peaceful, restful sleep in a tent with the smell of smoke in the air and the sound of drums in the distance.

Many times I and others have lamented it having to come to an end and having to return to mundania where the rules of a society that isn’t as in tune with pagan ways imposes itself upon us. The gate leaving one favorite spot has a sign that warns, “Dressed Be” and “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Naked” reminding returning festival goers that in mundania, clothing is NOT optional but mandatory.

The daily grind of life in the mainstream brings us back into full contact with a world that treats humankind as separate and above nature. A world that is driven by materialism and profit over quality of life and the arts. But what might a community run by Pagans look like? What if a town had a large enough population of Pagan minded folks to elect a mayor and city council who saw things through eyes much like our own?
Would there be shrines and temples at every street corner and statues to the gods and heroes of our past in the parks? Would the city services be more environmentally responsible? Would the laws be different? If so, in what ways?
Would there be community gardens and orchards of fruit and nut trees instead of purely ornamental vegetation along the roadways?

Some of us in Sacred Fire Temple and Esoteric Path of Enlightenment are looking into buying some land not too far outside the DFW area. Most of the decent prices seem to be out west a bit but trees and vegetation are somewhat lacking. Our search continues but not only do we plan to buy land for the tradition itself but also some of our members are considering buying land adjoining or near to that land to move their families to. We have thought about doing the things I talked about above when we are able to make that dream a reality. Can you imagine if that were to become a movement? What do you think a majority Pagan community might be like?

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  1. Sounds extremely familiar actually. Mark & Katie Winn have land that when purchased was done so with the thought process of it being able to be used in such a manner as a small community living on the land. Reality is that it is a much larger “project” than most realize and a very slow to fruition as well. They do hold some events there, some weekend camping for the pagan holidays etc. They also recently held Witchfest there for the first time and it looks like it is booked for this year as well. WOOT! I didn’t get to go last time so I am hoping to go this year. (fingers crossed!) Oh and of course they are also the venue for Mischievia (annual burner event). So yes, the idea and concept is something that many of us have dreamed about, some have even started to prepare for it in the ways of learning the ins and outs of living off the grid. Lots of resources out there if you look up ideas and stuff too.

    1. I haven’t seen or heard much from Mark and Katie Winn since B&B left the area. The only thing I heard about going on at their land was Myschevia. Maybe a lack of information and networking is slowing the project down? Do they have a website, blog, Meetup group, Facebook Page or something up outlining these plans? Would love to find out more. I know Mark is quite internet savvy so it’s amazing there isn’t more info out there about this.

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