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    We like our villagers and try to protect and enhance any villages we come in contact with. In our realm villagers are considered the NPC version of those original Terran settlers who first colonized New Caledonia. It’s also handy to have them around for trading as they have pretty good items to offer after you’ve built some trust with them. For RPG purposes it’s quite acceptable for a player to also be a Terran in our realm as it fits the story line. If you aren’t familiar with Starcraft lore this might be a good choice for you as a character since Terrans are just basically humans. You might choose to be one of the New Caledonian colonists or you could be a member of one of the Terran factions who also was stranded in this sector after the fleets warped out following the great battle. That’s totally up to you. But please, be nice to Villagers either way.

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