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    When you first warp (spawn) in to New Caledonia you find yourself in a place at the corner of New Auir city we like to call the Visitors Center. It’s a basic house with some chests, a bed, some signs and basic needs. Anything in those chests are free for the taking for anyone that needs the items. Most chests sitting outside a structure are also mostly community property although some are designated for specific purposes. For example, chests near farms are usually for farming tools and supplies, ones near villages are for villager trading, etc. So, for the most part, please use and replace items in these chests. It’s OK to borrow but don’t be greedy. Chest that are in someone’s structure that is designated with a sign as someone’s place are off limits unless the player who owns them has given permission to use items in those chests.

    Just some common courtesy and good practices.

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