How To Find A Coven Or Group

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Find your coven.

One question frequently asked by new seekers is how to go about finding a coven or group near them to meet with and possibly learn from. Well, there are a lot of worthwhile resources available actually and I’m going to talk about some of them here.

Witches Voice has been around on the internet since the 1990s and is still one of the best resources available for learning about Pagan groups, shops, events and other news around your area and beyond. Look through their listings for your state or country and see if your city or one nearby has a group you can contact.

The Pagan Informational Resources Topic on Temple Of the Standing Stones’ Forum is a great place to look for a coven or other group if you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth metromess or surrounding North Texas area. If you’re local, see what’s listed there.

CUUPS – The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) is an organization dedicated to networking Pagan-identified Unitarian Universalists (UUs), educating people about Paganism, promoting interfaith dialogue, developing Pagan liturgies and theologies, and supporting Pagan-identified UU religious professionals. See if a UU church near you has an active CUUPS group.

Pagan/Wiccan Group Listing By Patti Wigington is another great listing site for Pagans and Wiccans who might have gatherings in your area. It’s well worth the time to go have a look.

If you’re near Arlington, Texas there’s always our group of course. Temple Of the Standing Stones We have frequent open gatherings and are always happy to see new faces and help people find a path that fits them, even if that path is not with us.

I hope these help. Blessed Be!


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