Support My Blogging Habit?

Internet Panhandler?
Internet Panhandler? – Image is public domain. Source Wikimedia Commons.

Like what I have going on? Want to encourage me to keep it up? Or, maybe just shut me up for a minute or two? 😛 Maybe, buy me a coffee or a beer. Throw a few bucks my way via PayPal and I will be ever grateful for your support of my blogging habit. I’m not looking to make a fortune doing this but it’d be cool to cover my hosting fees and beverage budget maybe. Any help is appreciated so if ya like anything I’ve shared here, stories I’ve told or if I made ya laugh a bit, then maybe help a brother out? Yeah, I guess I’m like an internet panhandler of sorts. Go ahead, be an enabler. You know I’ll probably just use the money to support my blogging addiction and continue to annoy the denizens of cyberspace. Haha. Thank you and many blessings to you and yours!