Cianaodh’s Blogging, What’s It All About?

Troy Cianaodh Óg Young With Hat

All Images and some of the written pieces here have been found on the internet or are personal photographs. I will acknowledge any images to the proper owner, author, photographer or page where it was found if such is available. Any quotes will be acknowledged unless they are original in which case they will be signed, “Troy Young”, “J. Troy Young”, James Troy Young”, “Cianaodh Óg”, “Our Pantheons”, or “Our Pantheons Way”. My goal here is to spread thoughts, ideas and humor while encouraging people to buy other peoples work NOT to personally profit from other peoples work. If anyone would like to Share any of my posts, original or otherwise, PLEASE DO SO with my Blessings. A mention of Our Pantheons Way or Cianaodh Óg would be nice though as I am hoping to build an audience here.  If you need to contact me so that I might properly credit your work, remove your work if you are offended that I have shared it here, or any other issues please do so at cianaodh [at] ourpantheons [dot] org.

My powers honestly don’t extend to knowing every artist and every photographer whose work is on the Internet. But I do try to perform due diligence and credit appropriately.

I enjoy looking for beautiful, humorous, thought provoking and enlightening pictures to illustrate my posts. Sometimes I come across an image that calls to me to tell its story or my take on it at least. Often, the pictures generate more comments than the words I write. As long as good ideas are spread and people discuss concepts rather than argue with one another then I believe good work is being done.

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