Poly-ticks Unusual – Welfare And Tranquility

Welfare, corporatefare, bombfare or prisonfare?

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Preamble - U.S. Constitution - Promote The General Welfare

You hear a lot about welfare and the welfare state, usually coupled with long diatribes about lifelong inter-generational welfare collectors and people who sponge off the system in general. I have no doubt such people exist and perhaps in larger numbers than any of us would like but there are some other dynamics at play here that, to me anyway, seem counter to the overall idea of insuring domestic tranquility and promoting the general welfare. Among these are:

  1. More often than not, the people who are fiscally conscious about the cost to taxpayers when it comes to helping to feed and shelter someone living within our borders doesn’t ask anything about the cost of dropping a fifty thousand dollar bomb on a ten dollar tent half a world away. I’d prefer some consistency here. Both are costs we would be better off without. Both should be scrutinized.
  2. Jobs are increasingly being eliminated through, not only offshoring to other countries to avoid regulations and paying wages which support living in the same country the corporations wish to sell their products in, but also through automation and more efficient and proficient technology in all fields. Yet people keep making more people to put into a system built on working jobs to make money to buy things. How long is this going to work out? If human population increases constantly yet jobs for humans decrease eventually something is going to collapse. Consumers must have money to consume. At least welfare recipients buy things which in turn puts money back into the economy and keeps someone else in a job for a little while longer until Joe Robot takes over their job too. Homeless people and prisoners don’t help the taxpayers either. The entire system needs to change in some fundamental way. There needs to be balance. I don’t profess to have answers for this cycle of problems but I have a few ideas. I’m open to hearing more and seeing some discussion on a better way for the future.
  3. If we have too many people on welfare why do the same people who want to eliminate such programs generally also want to do away with things which would help reduce the population growth (ie. Planned Parenthood, Abortions and Birth Control.)

Now, if you’ve made it this far into this particular post on this particular issue you’ve probably already decided I’m a full tilt bleeding heart liberal and in some senses I might be. I do place the needs of flesh and blood human beings above the needs of nebulous entities called corporations or the needs of machines. But over all I think the problem, looking at it from the perspective of our current economic system, is too many people and too few jobs. The problem will only get worse if we continue to have a growing population and a shrinking job market. The trends have been going in just that direction on both fronts though. We need to either reverse the trends or change the system. How? I don’t know for sure. I’ve seen some interesting ideas floated around like the universal basic income, etc. But who knows how that will work out ultimately? A few places are giving it a go but only time will tell if it’s a feasible system.

But I do not think the solution is as simple minded as

“Just eliminate all the welfare programs.”

As some people seem to advocate. Think that one through for a minute. Okay, welfare gone, what next. Millions of people have no income and no jobs.

“Make them get jobs.”

Okay, where? India? China? Wherever else all the jobs that used to exist here went? The job boat has sailed dude. Basically at the just pull the plug point there’s millions of people out there in homelessville getting hungry and desperate. Then what? Some of them turn to crime so your crime rate goes up. Some get caught committing crimes and go to prison. Who pays for their court costs and imprisonment? Oh, Joe Taxpayer again. The guy who didn’t want to pay for these people is still ending up paying for these people just in a different capacity. As the saying goes. Homeless people are not the problem. They are the result of the problem.

So unless you’re advocating marching millions of no longer necessary human beings off to death camps what’s the plan? It’s not so simple but if we want to avoid a train wreck it’s something we need to work on in a meaningful and workable way that is fair to everyone and gives people their dignity. What is going to provide us with domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare of the citizenry?

Poly-ticks Unusual – Guns and Control

If you’re just hopping in from a search or shared post this is actually part of a series of posts. You can get in at the beginning here: http://ourpantheons.org/poly-ticks-unusual/


Gun Control or Self Control?
Gun Control or Self Control?

Ah, now see here? This is one of those points on which my more left leaning, liberal side of the political spectrum friends and I tend to part ways and I sometimes get called names like “ammosexual” or “gun-toting hillbilly” or some such. LMAO! Yeahhhhhh. Not so much. But, I do believe heavily in the right to keep and bear arms and have given some consideration to the right to keep and arm bears as well. Haha. (See what I did there?)

As much as I am a peace loving, live and let live kind of guy myself (and I am) , I realize that, unfortunately, the world has a lot of people in it who don’t live by that particular philosophy. There are some ruthless people, hateful people and desperate people out there whether we like to admit it or not. Maybe the neighborhood I live in is fairly peaceful and maybe the one you live in is but we don’t all have the luxury of living in peaceful places. Nor are we always lucky enough to not occasionally have to pass through some rather unsavory places once in awhile in our day to day work or travels. For these, and other reasons, some of us prefer to have access to guns to protect ourselves as well as those we love and care about. Still others are hunting enthusiasts or collectors. There is also the deterrent factor in being armed which can prevent some problems before they even become a problem. Those who would do ill tend to think twice if they consider that their target might retaliate with deadly force. That deterrent goes for criminals, foreign invaders or even our own government if it were to run amuck and turn to all out tyranny upon it’s citizens. Far fetched notion you say? I’m not so sure. Stranger things have happened in the history of this world and can happen again if there isn’t something to prevent it. If it weren’t so there would be no need for militaries or police forces in the world. As much as I wish we didn’t need these things, the reality is that there are always those who will take advantage of others if they think they can do it without repercussions.

Aside from that. For those who advocate an all out ban on guns I ask them to ponder this scenario. Leaving alone the age old slogan “If guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.” Let’s just say someone could magically wave a wand and make every single gun simply vanish. Would violence dissappear? Humans have been devising ways to kill one another since long before the first musket was ever fired and would continue to do so with or without the availability of guns. The ingredients to make a molotov cocktail are no farther away than your local gas station and common ingredients for deadly chemical weapons are probably in your laundry room or under your sink right now. Controlling one particular device will not alter human nature or culture. As the picture says, it’s self control that is lacking. That is where we, as a society, should be focusing our attentions if we want to get violence in check. Now, that being said, it is a good thing that Joe Blow, just got out of the mental hospital or has a history of domestic violence can’t run down to Academy Sports and buy a bunch of guns and ammo. There is something to be said for responsible gun ownership and regulation of who can easily, legally obtain such tools. Nothing is fool proof though.

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Poly-ticks Unusual – Libtards, Rethuglicans and More

About my page. There will be poly-ticks and shit you don't like. I'm going to post it anyway.
About my page. There will be shit you don’t like. I’m going to post it anyway.

An old joke says that the word politics comes from the word ‘poly’ meaning ‘many’, and the word ‘ticks’ meaning ‘blood sucking parasites’. I’m inclined to agree with this analogy and I know a great many people hate, hate, hate to talk about poly-ticks. I’m not much of a fan of the subject myself, especially these days in which people are very divided and angry with one another along political ideologies. But, I also believe that, as the old saying goes, just because you do not take an interest in poly-ticks doesn’t mean that poly-ticks won’t take an interest in you. So, whatever position you might take, or even if you take no position at all, as unfortunately nearly half of eligible voters did in the 2016 election, poly-ticks will be something which will happen to you anyway.

Even if I believe that my little ol’ voice won’t make much difference; even if I believe that the electoral college and my state’s ‘winner take all ‘ approach to awarding electoral votes means that most of the time my vote doesn’t get counted; even if I believe that once someone, anyone gets sent to office, no matter what campaign promises they might make along the way they get pulled into a private meeting with the real power brokers and get told how the show is going to be run if they know what’s good for them. That’s poly-ticks at work. I still feel it is worth my while to vote, to speak out and to let the powers that be know that I see what is happening and if nothing else I will squeal like a pig when they stick it to me. If that means some day jack booted thugs will take me away in the middle of the night or some trumped-up crap will be used to assassinate my character in order to shut me up or whatever other malady might befall me at least I will not have gone quietly into that night. So, with that being said, I am going to talk about politics for a few posts in the coming days until I get a bunch of stuff off my chest and feel better about it. You’re free to tune out if you wish but it won’t change what’s going to happen in the least. Consider yourself warned. 😉

You hear a lot these days about “libtards”, “leftists”, “whiny babies”, etc. on the one side and a lot about “neo-cons”, “fascists”, “rethuglicans”, etc. on the other. But once upon a time, there was a third group in the middle of all of that extreme, totally one way or the other type of thinking called moderates. You don’t hear much about moderates anymore because these days if you express an opinion on a particular issue that leans a little to the left or a little to the right in any way someone from the opposing side of that issue comes out with a brush full of tar and a bag of feathers to proclaim that if you hold this opinion on that issue then you also have to believe, this, that and the other and must be one of THOSE people. So, it is that everything else you say is not worthy of consideration because you fall completely into the wrong camp.

Nothing in particular gets done with this manner of dialog. No one changes their mind. Everyone digs themselves deeper and deeper into what they consider their side of things and hurl insults at the other side rather than dealing with honest dialog and reflection on the particular issue at hand. I’ve seen more straw-men pulled out of the woodworks, long-winded diatribes about topics that don’t even have anything to do with the subject at hand and ad hominem attacks on social media than I could shake a whole forest of sticks at. But I haven’t seen many people change their minds on things. Why do you suppose that is? Well, if you dance around an issue rather than discuss it then call the person who brought the subject up a bunch of names then Hel no they aren’t going to be interested in seeing things from your point of view. You haven’t won anyone over to your cause. You’ve just made another enemy. That’s not how you get more people to vote your way and swing things in your favor.

Anyway, that being said, I’m going to to take some popular issues we hear about a lot and explain my point of view on them and why I feel the way I do on that particular subject. You decide for yourself what brush you think my stance designates that I should be painted with and how broad you feel that brush needs to be but keep in mind. People are not so easily organized into totally black or totally white spaces. More often than not, there is much more to a person than meets the eye and if they are still alive, still learning, and still growing, they can even change their mind on subjects if life hands them a new perspective to consider the subject from.


Let me start off by saying, I don’t like the idea of abortion as a means of birth control. There are many things I think should be tried first including condoms, pills, even morning after pills, then adoption should be considered if at all possible. But you know what? It’s a terrible decision to have to make and it can occur under so many different scenarios regardless of who is having to make it. But ultimately, I don’t feel it is my place to make that decision for someone or using the power of state force my will upon another human being. Now, the argument is used quite frequently that the unborn fetus is a human being too and needs to be protected. Maybe so, maybe not. I’m not so sure myself at what point that embryo becomes a conscious human being but I am sure that the mother is already a conscious human being and it is her body that the fetus is in. That decision belongs to her and whatever repercussions come from that decision are hers to carry as well. It’s none of my business or the state’s business. Also, the Roe. vs. Wade decision wasn’t the beginning of abortions. It was the end of illegal, dangerous, bloody coat-hanger, backroom butchery and horrid medical nightmares for women.

Now, this position tends to throw me into the liberal, democrat, side of the current poly-ticks spectrum. But there is something that I feel is worth noting. At it’s heart, the conservative ideology is one of getting the government out of people’s lives and allowing them to make their own decisions. So, how is my position not a conservative one? Well, it’s often said that Roe v. Wade was an example of “activist judges” writing laws from the bench. But is it? Ultimately, the decision takes the power out of the state’s hands to enact a law prohibiting a person from making decisions about their lives. That seems at the very heart of conservative ideology to me. Now, if you take it down to the state vs. federal level I can see your point of view on that one. I tend to prefer certain things be decided on a state by state basis and feel that in this day and time it would be horrendously foolish for a state to choose to reinstate laws prohibiting abortion. Not to say states don’t do horrendously foolish things all of the time though.

Anyway, on most social issues I tend to side with whatever allows people the most personal, individual freedom as long as they aren’t encroaching on another person’s rights. Again, whether that fetus is a person is a debate that has raged on for a long, long, time. Me, I side with the decisions of the already born over the not born. I’ll write another entry with the same title “Poly-ticks Unusual” soon and touch on another subject or two I have some thoughts on. I think this post has become long enough already.

Have whatever kind of day you wish. But don’t blame it on me! Haha.

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