Personal – To Whom It May Concern

…and to some to whom it may not. I published this last night on the Facebook Page and decided to publish it here as well in the interests of clarifying things.

Friends and neighbors,

I feel I should clarify something as there seems to be a bit of confusion. Those who have followed my blog for a long time might or might not have noticed a change in the tone of some of the posts published there and on the accompanying Facebook Page. While it’s true that when Our Pantheons Way was first launched its focus was on the DFW Pagan Community specifically and some of my own personal thoughts and musings on spirituality in general. It has always been a place in which I would publish my own personal opinions though and it still is that today. For a time, after I founded my own temple in November of 2014 I actually stopped publishing the blog altogether and considered just making it a time capsule of sorts; an archive of my old posts. However, as we began publishing articles and newsletters on Temple Of the Standing Stones and through Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition I came to realize there were things I wanted to say that did not fit on those pages. I have long held the belief that politics and religion should not intermingle very much if at all and that certainly it is poor form, in my opinion, for a spiritual leader to tell members of their organization who to vote for or what to believe politically. However, I do not believe that, as clergy, someone gives up their right to hold their own personal political beliefs or to express them outside of their religious forum.

When I began publishing articles on Our Pantheons Way again several months ago I made changes to the way the blog is described and the way it is categorized on Facebook. Our Pantheons Way is not listed as a Religious Organization or a page focused specifically on “Spiritual Enlightenment”. It is listed as a Society and Culture Website. It has one publisher and one admin and that is me. I reserve the right to express my personal opinions on Our Pantheons Way because it is my personal site. I will publish things on this page that I would not dream of publishing on Temple Of the Standing Stones or on Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition because it is my opinion that those religious organizations do not hold a political opinion as a whole. They are made up of the bodies of the clergy and membership of the organization and individual members will each have their own opinions.

But here. I reserve my right to say whatever I feel as myself and myself alone. If you choose to attach my personal opinions to those or any other organizations I might belong to then that’s on you. I reject the notion that one gives up their right to have an opinion when one joins an organization.

Thank you for your time.

Bíodh sé amhlaidh.