Megalithic Standing Stones Of The United Kingdom

Megalithic standing stones appear throughout the U.K. and other parts of the world dating back thousands of years. These mysterious, sacred structures are often aligned with the movements of the sun, stars, and or moon. The word megalithic itself describes structures which are made of large stones without the use of mortar or concrete. For structures which do include the use of binding materials such as the aforementioned mortar or concrete the term monolith is more typically used.

Madison Julius Cawein was born in Louisville, Kentucky on March 23, 1865, the fifth child of William and Christiana (Stelsly) Cawein. His father made patent medicines from herbs. Thus as a child, Cawein became acquainted with and developed a love for local nature. Even though in different parts of the world and about different places altogether, the poem intermingles nicely with the images of the stones I thought.

Standing Stone Creek

By Madison Julius Cawein (From Louisville, Kentucky)

A weed-grown slope, whereon the rain
Has washed the brown rocks bare,
Leads tangled from a lonely lane
Down to a creek’s broad stair
Of stone, that, through the solitude,
Winds onward to a quiet wood.

Large menhirm, megalithic stone, located between Millstreet and Ballinagree, County Cork, Ireland.
Large menhirm, megalithic stone, located between Millstreet and Ballinagree, County Cork, Ireland. The word menhirm comes from Brittonic languages combining maen or men, “stone” and hir or hîr, “long. Therefore long stone.

An intermittent roof of shade
The beech above it throws;
Along its steps a balustrade
Of beauty builds the rose;
In which, a stately lamp of green
At intervals the cedar’s seen.


The water, carpeting each ledge
Of rock that runs across,
Glints ‘twixt a flow’r-embroidered edge
Of ferns and grass and moss;
And in its deeps the wood and sky
Seem patterns of the softest dye.


Long corridors of pleasant dusk
Within the house of leaves
It reaches; where, on looms of musk,
The ceaseless locust weaves
A web of summer; and perfume
Trails a sweet gown from room to room.


Green windows of the boughs, that swing,
It passes, where the notes
Of birds are glad thoughts entering,
And butterflies are motes;
And now a vista where the day
Opens a door of wind and ray.


It is a stairway for all sounds
That haunt the woodland sides;
On which, boy-like, the southwind bounds,
Girl-like, the sunbeam glides;
And, like fond parents, following these,
The oldtime dreams of rest and peace.


Banned On Facebook And Other Things

Jenny's Tits Banned On Facebook
Jenny’s Tits Banned On Facebook

There was a bunch of hoopla over this a few months ago. Omnia handled it with style of course. Why must the human body be banned but human misery, hate and violence are okay?


Bahahaha! That’s funny but if I was the biker I would be worried about how the driver might react. One quick swerve to the right could lead to disaster if the cager was the unfriendly sort or otherwise startled. Still, it looks like a fun time and hopefully everyone involved got to have a good chuckle out of it.


Man, don’t I know this feeling! Especially when the boy child gets on a tear about this video game or that add on thingy. Sometimes, he gets banned from anything with a screen on it for awhile so he can get back to reality for awhile.


Hey, will whoever has mine please give me a back rub and scratch my butt?


…and I hear he has a lightning bolt ready for ya too.


“Few things in life seem more sexy than a banned book.” – Chuck Palahniuk

“I was living in a terrible time when people were being accused of being communists, and they attacked the movie industry, especially the writers. People couldn’t work if they were on the blacklist. The studios banned them. It was the most onerous period in movie history. I don’t think we have ever had a period so dark as that.” – Kirk Douglas

Brain Teasers Are Good For The Mind

Doing brain teasers or some type of mental exercise can help you to boost overall brain activity.  Mind teasers also increase your memory power, reduce the risk, and slow the decline, of dementia, improve memory and brain processing speed, reduce boredom and improve concentration.

Here are some teasers and pleasers for you to wrap your head around today. Enjoy and please share with your friends.

Julie's mom has five daughters.
Julie’s mom has five daughters.
How many triangles do you see? Teasers and pleasers.
How many triangles do you see? Teasers and pleasers.


Okay, not really a brain teaser but I like stuff like this too. The study of linguistics is beneficial in understanding how our words are related to one another, why we say some of the things we do and how it relates to the history of our people.

Did you know Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula, was from Dublin Ireland? He wrote a story about a guy who sleeps all day, goes out at night and can’t stop drinking. I wonder where he got that idea?


Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Ya’ll have a great Summer Solstice weekend and remember…


Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good but in the end you’re only screwing yourself. Bahahaha! But it pleases me. 🙂

The Dagda – The Good God

The Dagda on The Gundestrup Cauldron
The Dagda on The Gundestrup Cauldron

A little info, invocation and ritual in honor of one of my favorite gods today. Enjoy!

The Dagda is an important god among those of Irish heritage as well as a father-figure. He is also known as Eochaid(h) Ollathair, or “All-father” and is considered a tribal protector. According to some tales his father is Elatha while others say his mother is Ethniu. Other stories say that his mother is the great mother Danu; yet others claim he is the father of Danu, perhaps because of her association with Brigit, daughter of the Dagda. The Dagda’s siblings include the gods Ogma and Lir.

The Dagda is a god of immense power, who is armed with a magical club and cauldron. Legend says that the club is able to kill nine men with a single blow; while with the handle he can restore life to the slain. The cauldron is known as the Undry and is said to be never empty and from it no man shall ever leave unsatisfied. His finely decorated magickal harp, Uaithne, when played by the Dagda , puts the seasons in order; other tales tell of the Uaithne being utilized to command the order of battle in war. He also owns two pigs, one of which is always growing whilst the other is always roasting, and his home posesses ever-laden fruit trees.

The Dagda was a High King of the Tuatha Dé Danann after his predecessor Nuada was injured in battle and some sources say his reign lasted 70 or 80 years. The Tuatha Dé Danann are the race of supernatural beings who conquered the Fomorians, who inhabited Ireland previously, prior to the coming of the Milesians. His lover is Boann and one of his daughters is Breg. Prior to the battle with the Fomorians, he coupled with the goddess of war, the Mórrígan, on Samhain in exchange for a battle plan to be victorious.

The Dagda is also the father of Bodb Dearg, Cermait, Midir, Aine, and Brigit. He is the brother or father (depending on who is telling the story) of Oghma, who is probably related to the Gaulish god Ogmios; Ogmios, depicted as an old man with a club, is one of the closest Gaulish parallels to the Dagda. Another Gaulish god who could be related to the Dagda is Sucellus, the striker, who is often depicted with a hammer and cup.

An invocation by Silver Wind on Mon Aug 13, 2007 7:01 am

Dagda most honored

To you we make sacrifice

To Eochaid the All Father

You, the Fire Beneath the Cauldron

Hear us, Old Giant, God with the Great Staff

Ruad Rofessa, Lord of Perfect Knowledge

Fire of the Sacrifice, Great in Appetite

To you we do honor, Excellent God

Mate of the great queen

Fergus the mare’s son

Chieftain of Danu, bountiful giver

Flame in the belly that sustains life,

Flame in the eye that comprehends life

Be in us as we are in you

Boiled in the cauldron

Upon the sacred fire

O harper of the seasons, taker of sacrifice

Druid of Oak and Hazel

Dagda Mor-Great good God

Accept our sacrifice

Stone Creed Grove, ADF, Cleveland, Ohio

Calendar of the Moon

7 Duir/Skirophorion

Day of the Dagda

Color: Brown

Element: Earth

Altar: Upon a brown cloth lay a wand made of an oak branch, a great cup of ale, a bowl of porridge, and four brown candles.

Offerings: Feed the hungry.

Daily Meal: Soup, stew, or porridge, enough to feed more than just the House. Let the rest be given to those who need it.

Invocation to the Dagda

Hail Eochaid Ollathair, Father of All!

Hail Ruad Ro-fhessa, Lord of Perfect Knowledge!

Lord of the Oak Tree,

Phallus of the summer saplings,

Rough as tree bark is your wisdom,

Yet deep as sunken roots.

You who can call the seasons with your harp,

You are called upon by the common people

For your gift of fair weather.

You whose club is so great

That nine men are required to carry it

And even then it plows a great ditch;

Whose terrible end slays hundreds at a blow

And whose other end can restore them to life;

You stake your life on the fertility of the land

That others may survive the cold winters.

You who build great fortresses,

You know what it is to be the sole protection

Of those you love, and to go forth

In battle to save their lives.

You are a king, yet you go among the people

In the rough clothing of a peasant,

Rejecting the trappings of the wealthy.

Your great cauldron is never empty,

Nourisher of your people, and of all people.

(The ale is passed, and then poured out as a libation. The stew is ceremonially carried into the kitchen, and the day’s chant sung over the kitchen table.)

Chant: May you never hunger, may you never thirst.

[Pagan Book of Hours]


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Invocation of the Dagda

a: Trance Eidolon

• Now let the Gate be as a window to our vision… opening to reveal the Otherworld… and let us behold the ancient and mighty one, In Dagda Mor, the Great Good God…. he is seated in beauty and bounty, in a nimbus of nineteen colors… fire and gold and green, shining and arrayed around him… flowing and changing, emerging from a white-gold brightness at their center… at that Center the Red God is seated… clothed in the colors of fire and earth… leather and iron, white tunic and nine-hued cloak of plaid… with his mighty arms and legs bare… a huge torc of gold rests around his neck, with silver bands on his wrists, reflecting the flickering flames… and at the center is the face of the god…

• See the eyes of the Lord of Wisdom… gaze into them, whether or not they see you yet… see his features, his flowing red hair and mustaches, the tips gold as flame… He sits cross-legged on a richly carpeted seat… before him burns a good fire, on a square fire-platform… above the fire a great iron cauldron is suspended, and it bubbles, giving off a scent of perfect delight… in his right hand he bears his great striking staff, and in his left hand his beautiful harp rests upon his knee, that fills the air around him with a wonderous music…

You approach the god… and he towers above you on his seat… let your vision rest in him… as we make our invocation…

b: Invocation & Offerings

• Dagda most honored, to you we make sacrifice, to Eochaid the All Father, Son of Elatha, Chieftain of Danu. All-skilled King of the Tuatha De Danann, Hoster of the Hall of Heroes,Keeper of the Feasting Cauldron, Wizard Harper, Lord of Secrets, Hear us, Red God, as we offer!

• Stallion of Fathering, Mighty Clan Chieftain, Great Cauldron-Feaster, Red-Bearded Giant who mates with the Mare. Abide with us Eochaid as offering we give:

(oil offering made)

• Guardian Warrior, Club-wielder, champion, Nine-slayer, Sun-eyed, Slay and Unslay with the stroke of your Club. Abide with us Dearg, due offering we give.

(oil offering made)

• Wise Druid, Fire-keeper, Harper of Seasons and Master of Secrets, Oh Lord of the Sacrifice, Great Ruadh Ro-fhessa, abide with us here as due offering we give.

(oil offering made)

• Dagda most honored, to you we make sacrifice,

that you be the warmth beneath the Cauldron,

that you be the Fire of Sacrifice,

that you be the giver of bountiful Blessings.

• Flame in the belly that sustains life,

Flame in the heart that illumines life,

Flame in the eye that comprehends life

Be in us, and let us be in you

• O Father of Clans, Red Stallion of Hosting

O Sun-Eyed Champion, Slayer and Healer

O Lord of Wisdom, Fire of Sacrifice

O Dagda most honored, to you we make offering.

As each of the Nine Gifts are given, the whole company responds by singing the charm:

Dagda Mór, bheith linn

Dagda Mor, Dia linn

Dagda Mor-Great good God,

• Porridge I give, because you feed every honorable guest.

• Pork I give, because you give the Champion’s Portion.

• Ale I give; because you strengthen the spirit in the corn.

• Silver I give, because you bestow wealth,

• Iron I give; because you bring sharp magic

• Oak I give; because you bring strong law

• Flame I give, because you keep the Sacred Fire

• Herbs of vision I give, because you keep the Gates of the Otherworld

• Mead I give, because you keep the Draught of Inspiration.

c: Final Sacrifice

I call with the voice of the Cauldron of Wonder, I call with the voice of the Hearth of Welcoming. Oh Dagda Mor, be welcome at our fire. Receive these gifts, and with them our love, our honor, our aspiration.

Dagda Mor, Great Good God accept our sacrifice!

ADF Druid Summer Solstice Ritual 2009

If someone ever tells you that you're putting too much peanut butter on your bread, stop talking to them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.  - Peanut Butter Druid
If someone ever tells you that you’re putting too much peanut butter on your bread, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

The following is an ADF Druid Summer Solstice ritual which I participated in as Druid 3 with Eagle Mountain Protogrove (Now, Blackland Prairie Protogrove.) in 2009. Enjoy!

Call to the Rite Thrice-three chimes announce the rite.

Druid 1: lights a flame in the South and speaks:

Druid 1 Says: “Ancient and Dark Ones of the deep and the wild, You who held this place of old and would hold it once again, I light this flame against your return, But invite you to take of it what warmth you will.”

An offering of grain (or other food) is made to the South of the Hallows.

Druid 1 Says: “Accept this offering and trouble not our rite, Nor hinder the forces of prosperity in this time. Biodh se.” All: “Biodh se amhlaidh.”

Druid 2: thank you. Brothers and Sisters, you may enter the Nemeton.”

Statement of Purpose

When participants are settled and the altar fire is lit, Druid 2 Says:

“May we pray with a good fire. As our Ancestors did in times before and our children may do in times to come, Let us honor the Gods in the Old Ways. This is the time of the Solstice, when the Sun is at its height and the Land graces us with abundance. But this also marks a turning of the year, a turning toward the dark half of the year. This is a time to honor prosperity and fertility, but it is also a time to remember that all gifts have a cost. It is our custom–as with so many others at this time–to honor the dying God. In our Grove, we honor Miach, the Irish god of healing, who, in dying, brought healing herbs to the Land. In the Celtic Lands, Midsummer is the time to gather these herbs. We shall hear the tale of Miach and his sister, Airmid, shortly.”

Short Meditation, Breathing

Druid 3 says:” A Bhrid! Lady Brigit! We call on you to guide our rite in the way of truth. Let our words be fit and so our hearts. Let it be so–biodh se amhlaidh!” All: “Biodh se amhlaidh!”

Consecration of the Hallows

Druid 2 Says: “Let us begin by sanctifying the Hallows by which we make offering.”

The Well: Druid 2 Says: “Sacred Source, Cauldron of making and unmaking, Fathomless Sea, bountiful Spring, Mother of the Rivers, you who were known of old as Danu. We honor you here with this offering. May we be nourished in body and mind by you.”

An offering of silver is made to the Well.,Sacred Waters, flow within us.”

The Fire: Druid 1 says: “Sacred Fire, sacrificed and sacrificer, You who rise to meet your Father the Sun And your Sister the Moon, Holy flame of hearth and altar, known of old as Belenos. We honor you here with this offering. May we be strengthened in spirit and honor by you.”

An offering of oil is made to the Fire, and Druid 1 says, Sacred Fire, burn within us.”

(Sacred Tree): Druid 3 says:”Sacred Tree, rooted deep and crowned high, Center of the Earth and axis of the Worlds, Most honorable of the Kindred of this place. May your roots drink deep of the Waters below.” Water from the Well is poured at the base of the Tree. “May you draw life from the Fire of the Heavens.” The Tree is censed with incense lit from the Fire. “You hold the very mystery of Life, Piercing the Sky, yielding to the Waters, We honor you here with this offering. May we grow in love and courage Each time we gather around you.”

The Tree is annointed with fragrant oil, and Druid 3 Says: Sacred Tree, grow within us.” All: “Sacred Tree, grow within us.”

Purifying the Participants

Druid 2 Says:Let us make ourselves ready for the working of the rite.”Druids cense and asperge the participants as the Call for Peace is made: To the East: Heidi:May there be peace in the East, ancient Leinster, source of Prosperity.”

To the South: Druid 2:”May there be peace in the South, ancient Munster, source of Harmony.”

To the West: Druid 2:: “May there be peace in the West, ancient Connacht, source of Wisdom.”

To the North: Druid 2 “May there be peace in the North, ancient Ulster, source of Strength. Here in the Center, let peace rule over this rite.” Biodh se amhlaidh.”

All: “Biodh se amhlaidh.”

Opening the Gates to the Otherworlds

Druid 2 Says: “We now call on Manannan Mac Lir, Our Lord of the Gates to the Otherworlds, To make open the portals for our worship.”

Druid 3 Says:”A Mhanannain Mac Lir, Gatekeeper, Sidhe King, Shrouded in mist or met at the crossroads, Let our words sound in the depths of the Well.”Oil is poured on the waters of the Well.

Druid 3 Says: “Let our words rise on the Fire to the Shining Ones.”Oil is poured on the Fire.

Druid 3 Says: “Let the Sacred Tree carry our words to all the Worlds.”Oil is annointed on the Tree, and Druid 3 says: Let the Gates be open!”

Invoking The Three Kindreds

Druid 2 Says: “Let us now give honor to the Three Kindreds, That they may honor us in return.”

Honoring the Ancestors

Druid 2 Ancestors! You who guide our steps, You who carry the honor of the People to the Otherworlds, We honor you here.”

Ale is poured in the Well and the remainder set in a cup on the altar.

Druid 2: “We honor you with the first portion and offer this cup for your taking. Ancestors, come to our hearthside and guide us in our rite. Biodh se amhlaidh.” All: “Biodh se amhlaidh.”

Inviting the Spirits of the Land

Druid 1: Spirits of the Land! Kindreds of fur, fin, and feather, Of bark, leaf and blossom, of rock, soil, or crystal. Fair folk, green kin, and totem beasts! We honor you here.”Flowers or fruit or the like is placed amongst the Hallows.

Druid 1 “We thank you for sharing this place with us and offer these gifts in return. Earth Spirits, come to our hearthside and join us in our rite. Biodh se amhlaidh.”

All: “Biodh se amhlaidh.”

Offering to the Deities

Druid 3: Shining Ones! Highest and mightiest, First among the Kindreds, worthiest of honor, Ancient of the Tuatha De Danann, we would offer to you in this place. Deities of this place, known to us or unknown, Gods and Goddesses of all those here, Patrons and Matrons, We would offer you like honor. Join us at our fire, o Shining Ones. accept our sacrifice!”All: “Shining Ones, accept our sacrifice!”

Oil is poured on the Fire

Honoring the Patrons of the Rite

Druid 2 “Attend now the tale of Miach, ancient bringer of healing, of his sister, Airmid, and of his sacrifice at the hands of his father, Diancecht.”

One of the Druids recounts the tale (to be provided in advance, of course) of the slaying of Miach by Diancecht and of Airmid’s attempt to preserve the healing herbs brought forth from his grave on her mantle, the Brat Airmid.

PD:”As Miach, in dying, brought forth healing herbs, let us now ourselves make offering of this effigy and see what it will offer to the Land and the People.”A large god-mask in straw is brought forth. One of the Druids steps forward with a sword.

PD:“As Diancecht slew his son by cleaving his head in twain providing a harvest of healing herbs, let us likewise deal with this effigy and see what it may offer to the Land and the People”  The Druid slashes open the mask with the sword.

PD: “Tear apart the man of straw and cast him in the Fire…will he live again?”The participants are urged to tear the straw of the great mask apart and cast it on the Fire. An effigy made of herbs on a litter is revealed when this action is complete.

PD:”And here we see the healing herbs, cultivated at this season for centuries.”

D1: Offers an explanation of the various herbs and their properties.

Druid 2″But Diancecht, the master physician of the Tuatha De Danann, would not allow mankind the gift of perfect health and healing. And so these herbs, having been made known, were scattered. And so we shall, knowing that we can only reclaim them through patient nuture and cultivation, but trusting that the Land holds them in trust for us when we need them.. So let us carry forth this Green Man and scatter him on the Earth as token of our trust in the Land to provide what we need.”

The gates of the ritual site are opened and the people process out, the Green Man before them. Upon reaching a suitable patch of earth, the people are offered an opportunity to offer praise.

Praise Offerings

Druid 2 says:”Let any who would offer praise here do so.”Time is allowed for all who so wish to make praise offerings.

Main Offering

Druid 2:”We will allow those who wish to make further offerings to the Hallows of the Nemeton before we conclude the rite, but now, let us return these gifts to the Land in trust.”    The people scatter the herbs, asking whatever in return they may.

Taking of the Omen

Druid 2 “Having made offering to the Gods, let us see how our offering was received.”

Seeking the Blessings of the Deities

Druid 2:”In our custom, a gift calls for a gift. Having offered to the Shining Ones, We seek their blessings in return.”

Druid 2  pours ale (or the like) into a cup and holds it up.

Druid 2 “Shining Ones, we seek the blessings of the three Cauldrons, Of Wisdom, of Plenty, and of Rebirth. We would share in your magic. And so we say as one folk: Shining Ones, give us the Waters!”All: “Shining Ones, give us the Waters!”

Druid 2:”We would stand in fellowship with you And feast at your side and proclaim ourselves your People. And so we say again: Shining Ones, give us the Waters!” All: “Shining Ones, give us the Waters!”

Druid 2: We have offered of our love and our work to you; We have shared our hearthside, And, as a gift calls for a gift, We say one last time: Shining Ones, give us the Waters of Life!” All: “Shining Ones, give us the Waters of Life!

Druid 2: elevates the cup saying: ! These are the Waters of Life!”The cup is passed among the participants.

Druid 2″As you share in the blessings of the Mighty Kindreds, Do not hesitate to salute or otherwise honor them. At this time, the Gates are still open and offerings may yet be made.”When all have had a chance to drink from the cup and make any offerings, the rite proceeds.

Thanking the Kindreds

Druid 2 “Let us now give thanks to the Powers we have honored here.” (The same Druids who offered to invite each Kindred thank them here:)

Druid 2 . We thank you.”All: “We thank you.”

Druid 1: We thank you.” All: “We thank you.”

Druid 3: We thank you.”All: “We thank you.”

Druid 2: ! Ancestors! We thank you.” All: “We thank you.”

Druid 3:! Lady Brigit! We thank you.”All: “We thank you.”

Druid 2:”To all those Powers that have aided our rite, We say once more: We thank you.”

All: “We thank you.”

Closing the Gates

Druid 2: “We call once more on Manannan Mac Lir to close the gates.”

Druid 3: A Mhanannain! Gatekeeper and Sidhe King! We thank you for guiding our prayers to the Otherworlds. We thank you for guiding and warding our steps in all the Worlds. Let the Fire now be but flame. Let the Well now be but water. And let the Tree now be no more than the true heart we carry forth from this place. A Mhanannain Mac Lir, dun na Geatai anois! Let the Gates now be closed!”

Closing of the Rite

D2:”As we started, so let us end.” Thrice-three chimes are sounded.

D2:”Brothers and sisters, go in peace and blessings. The rite is ended.”

Third Degree – Paving The Way

I'll take a night like this over a night at the club any day. 40 degree or above please?
I’ll take a night like this over a night at the club any day.

This coming Samhain, if all goes according to plan and I complete my tasks and studies along with my fellow second degree initiates in Sacred Fire Temple, I will attain my third degree in the Esoteric Path of Enlightenment tradition. It will be quite a milestone for me because, in all my years in Pagan studies and community involvement I have never studied with a tradition long enough to formally attain the highest degree bestowed by a tradition.

I’ve always been something of a loner and solitaire in my ways. I suppose it has a great deal to do with my growing up for the formative years of my life, almost as an only child. Oh, I have three sisters, don’t get me wrong, but we did not grow up together. The youngest of my sisters was 16 when I was born and she moved out on her own well before my earliest memories of childhood. So, my sisters have always been more like aunts who visit from time to time than siblings in the traditional sense.

But, I digress. I guess, what I am trying to say is, because I grew up the way I did, I have always been more independent minded and less inclined to compromise than others. This has its good points and its bad points. As I’m getting older, and hopefully wiser, I am seeing the benefits of having a close knit group of family, whether by blood, by choice or both. A group shares in each individual member’s strengths and help one another to fill in for any weaknesses. A group offers stability and support in times of need and ideas that might not otherwise be thought of.

It is up to my High Priest whether it will be on the same day I receive my third degree or sometime afterwards but eventually I will also be bestowed my metallic cord which will grant me the autonomy to hive off and form my own temple within the Esoteric Path of Enlightenment. In preparation for this I have already been doing some preliminary work. The temple will be named Temple Of The Standing Stones and a website domain has already been registered for it. You can visit the site at if you’re curious. Because of my own bloodlines and background a great deal of the focus of our temple will be Celtic in nature but in keeping with the ways of Esoteric Path of Enlightenment we do not believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water.  Any esoteric knowledge and wisdom is deemed worth studying and utilizing if it helps the seeker on their path. I have big plans for the temple and for my further service to the tradition. Those will be revealed in good time on that site. So if you’re curious,  feel free to tag along there.

Health and Blessings,


Fairy Ring Folklore Around The World

Fairy Rings are considered very important in European folklore and are regarded as gateways into lands of the aos sí (ees shee) or wee folk. According to legend, a faerie ring appears when a faerie, pixie or elf appears. The circular pattern of the mushrooms looks like a place where fairies danced in a ring holding hands.

Fairy Ring
Fairy Ring

An Irish legend recorded by Jane Wilde (mother of Oscar), tells of a farmer who built a barn on a faerie ring despite the protests of his neighbours. He was struck senseless one night and a local “faerie doctor” was called to break the curse. The farmer said that he dreamed that he must destroy the barn.

The various names given to Fairy Rings in European languages often allude to supernatural origins. In France they are known as ronds de sorciers (“sorcerers’ rings”) and Hexenringe (“witches’ rings”) in Germany where traditionally faerie rings were thought to mark the site of witches’ dancing on Walpurgis Night. Dutch superstition claimed that the circles show where the Devil set his milk churn. In Tyrol, folklore attributed faerie rings to the fiery tails of flying dragons; once a dragon had created such a circle, nothing but toadstools could grow there for seven years. European superstitions routinely warned against entering a faerie ring. French tradition reported that faerie rings were guarded by giant bug-eyed toads that cursed those who violated the circles. In other parts of Europe, entering a fairy ring would result in the loss of an eye. Fairy rings are associated with diminutive spirits in the Philippines.

Collecting dew from the grass or flowers from inside a fairy ring can bring bad luck. While destroying a faerie ring is both unlucky and fruitless as it will just grow back. Also science tells us some mushrooms in fairy rings are poisonous and inhaling mushroom spores can cause a respiratory disease called Lycoperdonosis.

Fairy Rings bring bad luck to sports people even in the 21st century! Ireland’s famous Golf links courses, such as the Old Head course in Kinsale, are particularly prone to Fairy Rings making life hell for even the world’s top players. In 2011 scientists from the Harper Adams University College in Shropshire came to Ireland to study ‘The epidemiology and integrated control of fairy rings on golf courses’, which they thought would be welcome news for frustrated golfers, who they said are sick of seeing their putts sent off-course once they enter a fairy ring.

Moonshine distillers traditionally discard the first 50ml of distillate known sometimes as the faerie portion. Science tells us that the first few drops from a still contain nasty and unwanted substances like methanol which have a lower boiling point than alcohol and therefore come out of the still first.

Thus we can conclude that some superstitions are very useful in passing on scientific knowledge.

Busy Times Ahead With Solar Stuff

I chose the road less traveled. Now I don't know where in Balor's Eye I am. Solar
I chose the road less traveled. Now I don’t know where in Balor’s Eye I am.

Whew! Summer is upon us and the hot plate is heating up quickly on this poor ol’ Pagan boy. This month I need to schedule in some time to do my 4 hour annual training to keep my Journeyman Electrician’s License current with the state. Summer Solstice is coming up and our temple decided to try Egyptian themed this time so I am kind of like a fish out of water because I’ve never done an Egyptian ritual before but that’s one of the things I like about the Esoteric Path of Enlightenment. We are challenged to expand beyond our comfort zones, learn new things and think in different ways. But I have a lot of studying to do if I am going to be prepared for this.

I have been kicking around the idea of taking the solar panels off the top of Em’s art studio (See: Solar Powered Art Studio) since it hasn’t been getting much use lately and the tree branches constantly have to be trimmed away to keep them from shading the panels. What I would like to do is put together a portable foldaway cart like thing that I can use to place the panels anywhere we happen to be, back yard, out on a camping trip, etc. to get the most use out of the solar power setup. Also, I would like to install some panels on the roof of the house along with some mister’s, fans, rain catchment system and water filtration setup in the back yard so we can take full advantage of the free energy that the gods bless us with every day. My inspiration for building solar panels was sparked anew when I ran across this website once again by a guy who explains how he buys factory second solar sells from ebay and puts them together his self for a fraction of the retail cost. How I built an electricity producing Solar Panel

If building solar panels interests you, you might also want to check out this video:

Now, on the other side of the coin. This guy thinks building your own solar panels this way is a bad idea and he brings up some valid points so, as he says, Proceed With Caution.

Later this year , when I get my third degree and establish my own temple one of the things I would like to get going, along with the spiritual teachings, is a cooperative group working on things like organic food, renewable energy and sustainable living stuff. I think things like that put us more in tune with the cycles of nature and the ways of our ancestors along with making the best of modern technologies.

I’m hoping to connect with others who feel likewise so that maybe we can work on some projects together. Time will tell. In the meantime, I better get to work.

Blessed Be Ya’ll!


What Tunes Are You Listening To?

A few weeks ago I purchased the new Omnia album Earth Warror as a digital download from Amazon. I pretty much love listening to every single track on the album but this one in particular I think would be a great theme song for me. I can even visualize it as the opening song for that podcast I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting. After all, it goes well with that “ravings of a lunatic mind” tagline I’ve been using since my Druid’s Eye View blogging days on

Are you listening to this?
Are you listening to this?

Omnia – Crazy Man [Explicit]:

This next track is a dark, brooding song with a bluesy feel to it that I’m kinda digging here lately. But don’t let the tone of these two tracks off the album fool ya. The whole thing isn’t dark roasted. Other tracks like Mutant Monkeys and Epona are kinda upbeat and fun by comparison. I think the band played around a bit more with American influenced musical genres on this album and it has a different feel from their previous work. But, as always, it’s purely professional grade stuff and genius.

Omnia – Black House [Explicit]:

I’d like to thank Tommy Elf for giving me that one reminding nudge about Dragon Ritual Drummers when he replied to my post Pagan Music awhile back. I had heard a few of their tracks before and liked them but never really took the time to give their music catalogue a thorough listen. Well, I have now and am now the proud owner of two of their albums too. These guys really rock those African rhythms and I have been cruising town with my windows down and Fanga, Bombay Bollywood Bop, Bamboula and a bunch of other tunes blaring down the boulevards lately. Yep, that was me you heard. 😉

Dragon Ritual Drummers Official Promotional Video…:

Hey, what more can I say about Tuatha Dea. These guys and gals led an awesome drum jam for us on a Wednesday night at Groovy Goods right here in Arlington, Texas almost a month ago and I bought two of their CDs from them while they were here and Em’ went over to Cici’s and bought them some pizza after the show too. They are straight up cool, down to earth musicians who love what they do and the people they do it for. I’m really getting into their take on a few classic Irish tunes here lately.


Tuatha Dea – Whiskey In A Jar:

It is my sincere hope that you will buy, not steal, these artists’ music. These are the bards of our time and most of them don’t make a lot of money like the big name, mainstream artists with huge record deals. They depend on our support to keep making a living and to keep producing this music that we all love listening to. So please, do the right thing.

Be sure and check out my Pagan Music post too and from there my Paganesque Radio station on Pandora.

Thank you and Flags, Flax, Fodder and plenty of Frigg ya’ll!

So, Yeah Em’s Car Was Found

Stolen then found. Blessings abound!

I have found that sometimes the best thing that you can do is not think'; not wonder ;not imagine; not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.
I have found that sometimes the best thing that you can do is not think’; not wonder ;not imagine; not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

So, back on May 20th in my article So, Yeah Em’s Car Got Stolen I wrote about the ordeal of Em’s car and personal possessions getting stolen right out of a friend’s driveway. I think it’s time for an update on that story. Last Wednesday evening around 7pm I received a voicemail on my phone from Arlington PD that her car had been recovered and was sitting in an impound lot over in Dallas. Sure enough, we went over there Friday and $142 in fees and $75 for gas later we were able to drive the car home. Pretty much nothing that was in the car that wasn’t bolted down remained and there were instead several assorted items we did not recognize inside Including a set of golf clubs and some cellphone accessories. The glove box, console, back floorboard and back of the car had been liberated of all personal contents including the owner’s manual and Em’s music collection of close to 100 CDs as well as the CD changer from the console. Not the player, just the center piece that you load the CDs into.

The car smelled heavily of grease and oil like a mechanic’s shop so Kyle and I took it down to the car wash and gave it a good scrubbing down inside and out which might account for the rain shower we experienced shortly thereafter on Saturday afternoon. 😉

What is interesting is, remember how I mentioned that old blue dragon who had only moved once before from his spot in front of the house that I have ever noticed in 23 years? Well, that was Tuesday morning last week. He returned Friday morning and looked somewhat satisfied about something. This is only the second time in 23 years he has been gone and it was the longest period of time that he has ever been away. The following Wednesday we received the call about the car being found and that it was at the impound lot. Did the car get picked up on Friday and it took until Wednesday for the city to call? I don’t know. Could things have already been set in motion by the time the dragon returned? Yeah, I’m pretty sure of it. In any event, I don’t think this story is over just yet. I’ll keep ya posted!